Should I file?

I am $17,000 in credit card debt, should I file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or not??


  • Hi elopau! Thank you for having the courage to reach out to Kain & Scott. We are sorry you are suffering from debt. It is strange, but filing bankruptcy improves your credit because it eliminates debt. Any time you can eliminate debt, that is a good thing. I tell people all the time to error on the side of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get your life back. We have a two step program where we HELP you 1) get rid of debt and 2) repair your credit with Kain & Scott FREE 90 DAY CREDIT REPAIR PROGRAM (a $3,250.00 value for FREE). We have no worksheets and we offer $0 up front. Thank you again for reaching out to Kain & Scott.

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