Can Trustee assert recent Billing and Collection disputes

Within 30 days of filing, can a Trustee assert recent billing and/or collection disputes. Example: Mortgagee bills monthly for home insurance. Storms causing tree to fall on roof causing thousands in damages. Though claim is filed, Insurance company owned by mortagee refuses to repair roof but continues to monthly bill debtor for premiums. This results in billings and collections for far more than is legally owed.


  • If I am understanding the question right, this is a dispute over an insurance claim against a building. You may want to call the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office at 800-657-3787 or Minnesota Department of Commerce at 651-539-1600. A bankruptcy trustee is not likely going to help resolve a dispute like this since the chances are good that any insurance proceeds received would be secured to any loan against the building and, therefore, doesn't become an asset of the estate. Hope this helps you! Wes

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